Lice Treatment

An average lice treatment session length is approximately 2 hours.

Step 1: Head Check

We begin by checking each person’s scalp and hair. Hair Genies technicians manually screen the hair for nits (eggs) and lice (bugs). We highly recommend that the entire household have their head checked at the first session to prevent re-infestation at a later stage.

Step 2: Treatment

Although there are several ways to treat head lice, through firsthand experience and extensive research we know that all are not equal. The Shepherd Method, which was developed over the past 12 years, is the most thorough and effective method of lice removal today and has been used to successfully treat thousands of children and adults.

The multi-step, strand-by-strand manual lice and nit removal leaves no room for shortcuts and only ensures successful removal of all nits and bugs. The Hair Genies Lice treatment institute located in Norwalk, CT, has trained and certified technicians through the world renowned Shepherd Method of head lice removal and treatment. We are passionate about educating and helping families to stop lice today and we do this using the most natural and powerful lice removal method. The Shepherd Method dictates that we meticulously examine every strand of hair, which means we do not rush the process and go way beyond simply running a comb through the hair.

At the start of the treatment process, we apply a non-toxic enzyme-based solution to the head to help break down the exoskeleton of the lice and help loosen the fixative glue that secures the nits to the hair shaft.  Using the best lice comb on the market (The Terminator) we begin with what we call an initial comb-out. During this process, at least 80% of the individual’s nit and bug coverage is removed. Next, our expert technicians will begin the “nit picking” portion of the treatment. Hair is sectioned off and examined in paper-thin layers assuring that all nits and lice have been removed from each strand of hair.

Once completed, the final re-check is conducted. In order to ensure an accurate inspection of the hair, we will blow it dry.

Once complete, an additional dose of treatment product is applied to the hair and combed through. The hair is then pulled back into a bun, braid or pony tail. It is recommended to leave the product on the hair for at least two hours and be washed prior to going to bed. After our treatment, you may safely return to your daily activities and guarantee your child’s return to school.
Rechecks Post Treatment

We cannot honor our guarantee should follow up re-check appointments be missed. As part of our treatment, we offer 1 free re-check. If a re-check appointment is scheduled and missed, the no-show will result in a $30 charge.

This re-check must be done no later than 5-7 days after your first treatment. The purpose of a re-check is to ensure that there was nothing left behind and that the individual has not had further contact with other active cases of head lice.

No further treatment is necessary if the individual adheres to the required time frame for subsequent follow-up re-checks. If any evidence is found during a recheck, the technician will remove it from the head. This generally takes 15-30 minutes.

Lice Treatment Fees Reimbursed by Most Insurance Companies. Please take a claim form home.